What is this for?

It’s for you—someone who creates content to tell stories, to educate and empower, to share a point of view.

Your work is the foundation to your career—what you ship is reflective of who you are and what you stand for.

With more and more work being published on the web to reach a wider audience, we begin to surrender our creative work to terms and conditions that are largely ignored. If Instagram were deleted tomorrow, what would you do? If Medium disappeared, where would your articles go? How would people find you?

Owning your content is not about hoarding or being secretive; it’s about ensuring that the work you produce is respected, protected, and rightfully yours. Yes, share your work on various platforms and connect with other people, but when cultivating and nurturing the fruits of your labor, do it in your own garden, not someone else’s. If the most fruitful creative careers are focused on the long-haul, a journey as some would call it, then we must think in terms of chess, not checkers

Why is this important? Why now?

We’re experiencing a slow yet steady shift of the internet. From new technologies to agreements, the platforms that we currently rely on may not be around forever. 

Creating content on a platform like WordPress.com gives you full autonomy and ownership of your work. It’s your digital presence, your marking on the online world. 

We’re launching an interview series diving into the minds of some of the web’s most prolific digital and creative innovators. They are professionals whose careers have thrived on owning their content long-term and not solely relying on social media to house their best work.

Consider this a compass to help you navigate the future of the internet and, ultimately, the future of work.

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